Have you ever wondered what's
going on inside your birdhouse?

With a BirdhouseTV.com camera inside, you can watch your nesting birds 24 hours a day.

This birdhouse is great for small songbirds such as bluebirds, chickadees and house wrens. Inside is a small infrared camera that sends live video directly to your TV day and night. From the time they start building the nest until the babies fly away you will be amazed at how much you will watch your BirdhouseTV.
Recent News
We have just announced the release of the new wireless birdhouse. Now you don't have to run a wire from the birdhouse to your TV. Just plug your BirdhouseTV into a battery and you're on the air. Read more in the Products section.
If you feed birds in the winter or all year, you will love the new BirdfeederTV system.
Coming Soon
Wood Duck nesting boxes.If you live near a pond or swamp area that attracts wood ducks, this could be the ultimate wildlife experiance.
Watch as they build the nest
and count the eggs as they are laid.
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